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Apex is a 4X strategy game in which various civilizations compete for galactic domination through influence, technological advancement, and warfare. Embark on a journey to conquer the galaxy and discover a science fiction universe like you've never seen before!

With minimalist rules, fast gameplay, symmetrical mechanics, and very little luck involved, Apex appeals to seasoned strategists as well as casual players.

Content: 6 civilization boards, 204 tokens, 30 sector tiles, 30 strategy cards, English & French rulebooks.

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Kluster DUO is an incredibly fun family-friendly dexterity game! The large, unstable “spinner” magnets can be used alone or as an expansion for Kluster Classic.

Kluster's rules are extremely simple. However, they allow for many strategic possibilities! Take turns placing a magnet inside the string. But be careful because you collect all the magnets that stick together. The first one to get rid of their magnets wins!

DUO contains 12 magnets, much larger than the classic Kluster magnets, for 2 players. However, thanks to the Kluster+ rules included, it's possible to combine several games to bring even more players together! So DUO can be used as an extension to Kluster Classic for up to 6 players.

DUO also features an Expert Mode for more competitive Kluster games than ever!

Content: Content: 12 magnets, 1 string, 1 game rule.

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Kluster is a quick dexterity game for adults that is easy to carry, incredibly fun, really simple, and still full of strategy!

Players take turns placing a stone inside the rope. But if any stones stick together, they have to take them. The first player to get rid of his or her stones wins. That's it!

Content: 24 magnetic stones, 1 rope, 1 carrying bag, 1 rule.

To spice up your games even more, try Kluster Challenge! This simple free web app imposes a random constraint on players when they are running out of stones.

Why is Kluster prohibited for children under 14?
Kluster contains small magnets with a magnetic induction flux greater than 50 kG²mm² which can be ingested. Therefore Kluster is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children under 14 years old. Magnets stuck to each other or to a metal object inside the human body can cause serious injury or death. If magnets are swallowed or inhaled, seek medical assistance immediately.

Replacement magnets

Dig Your Way Out is a game in which you have to escape from prison before the others inmates. To dig your way out, make tools out of salvaged items, buy them with cigarettes or extort them from other players. In order to win, every dirty trick is allowed!

The core box also contains two expansions: The Michels and a Team Mode.

Content: 1 reversible game board, 12 prisoner standees, 6 prisoner boards, 180 cards, 6 Beating tokens, 55 Cigarette tokens, 1 die, 6 Team tokens, 2 Michels standees, 1 rulebook.

Dig In is an expansion for Dig Your Way Out that introduces the prison warden and new places. Allowing for many novel options and strategies, this expansion pushes the replayability to its limits!

Content: 7 new places, 66 tokens, 1 Warden, 1 rulebook.

Dig Your Way Out core game is necessary in order to use the content of Dig In.

Krom is no educational game, it tells a -not so serious- prehistory! It's a funny family board game, nevertheless full of strategies. Resource management, a lot of fighting, a hint of luck and a pinch of bluff are necessary for victory!

The core box includes the Kromosaurus and Ice Age expansions for even crazier games.

Content: 1 reversible board, 6 character boards, 6 characters, 120 cards, 93 tokens, 6 dice, 1 Kromosaurus, 1 Kromosaurus board, 1 rulebook.

Our story

Borderline Editions is a board game publishing company founded by a group of friends to create Deal American Dream. The game became available on the shelves around the world thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

We then proceeded to publish games of other creators, usually through crowdfunding campaigns. Attentive to the feedback of players, never rushing nor multiplying projects, we always prioritize quality over quantity. Be it Krom, Kluster or Dig Your Way Out, our games met critical approval as well as commercial success.

We continue our journey in the board game industry, always on the lookout for new gaming innovations. We assume our background as outsiders, not frightened to confront complicated themes often shied away by most publishers. Our goal remains to create top notch games, not short term marketing stunts, and great products that will keep a place of choice on the shelves -and in the hearts of gamers of all stripes.

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