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The village's chief has just vanished. The tribe is in panic! We need a new chief, but not an empty head this time!

Krom is board game with fun and varied mechanisms, for 2 to 5 players (7+ years old). A game takes around 40 minutes. Strategy, resources managment, placement, lot of fighting and a little bit of bluff are needed to win the game!

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You can go picking in the forest, hunt preys in the savanna, show your valor by climbing the mountain and take a rest at the cave from time to time. The wood, bone and stone gathered, like the Krom accumulated, allow you to realize the crazy evolutions needed to win the game.

You can also use bonus card to offer some nasty surprises to your opponents!

A game by:

Kevin Berenger

Xavier Baud

Illustrated by:

Damien Cornu

Edited by:

With the participation of:

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